Name  Previous role in the group  Current position and affiliation
Dr. Natalita M. Nursam PhD student Research scientist at Research Centre for Electronics and Telecommunication, Indonesian Institute of Science, Bandung, Indonesia
Dr. Erwin F. Rodriguez-Tolava PhD student
Dr. Dehong Chen Postdoctoral fellow Research fellow at Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Dr. Fang Xia  Postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO) Senior lecturer at Murdoch University, WA, Australia
Dr. Wei Li  Postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO) Research fellow at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
Dr. Jonghyun (Jon) Choi Postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO) Scientist at the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd., Hamilton, New Zealand
Dr. Xiaojian Wang Postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO) Research fellow at Swinburne University, VIC, Australia
Dr. Cindy Aquino Postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO) Institute of Research on Catalysis and the Environment, University of Claude Bernard, Lyon
Dr. Dana Lee Morgan  Postdoctoral fellow
Dr. Andreas Ide  Postdoctoral fellow Bayer, Germany
Dr. Meifang Zhou  Postdoctoral fellow School of Chemistry, The University of Melbourne
Dr. Yasmina Dkhissi  PhD student Postdoctoral fellow, Monash University
Dr. William McMaster PhD student
Dr. Ida Widnersson PhD student Patent scientist at Freehills Patent Attorneys
Dr. Nicholas Tse  PhD student Associate lecturer at Macquarie University, NSW, Australia
Dr. Zhengfei Chen  PhD student Research Associate at Newcastle
Dr. Maryline Chee-Kimling  PhD student and postdoctoral fellow Editor at Edanz Editing
Dr. Xingdong Wang PhD student Research Scientist, CSIRO, Manufacturing, VIC, Australia
Dr. Glenna Drisko PhD student Research fellow at University Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Dr. Fuzhi Huang PhD student Professor, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University, China
Dr. Cara Doherty  PhD student Materials scientist, CSIRO Manufacturing, VIC, Australia